Oley Hemp Kitty Litter is an Environmentally Friendly & Made from USDA Organic Hemp, All-Natural Alternative to Clay-Based Cat Litter.


Made from 100% renewable, eco-friendly USA hemp fiber, Oley Hemp Kitty Litter is 7x more absorbent than other litter products on the market today. Clumping action and flushable, Oley Hemp Kitty Litter is lightweight (4lb bag = 21 lbs of traditional cat litter) and features superior odor control with a naturally fresh and clean scent.

There are approximately 14.72 L or 0.52 cubic ft. in a 4 lb. bag of Oley Hemp Kitty Litter. We recommend filling your litter box with 1.5 - 2 inches of kitty litter.

*If you are transitioning from clay kitty litter, pour one-third of Oley Hemp into a clean litter box, followed by two-thirds of your old litter brand. Do not mix. During the next litter box change, pour two-thirds of Oley Hemp, then one-third of your old litter brand on top. Continue to gradually introduce Oley Hemp until your cat is at ease with a full litter box of our product.



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