All-natural small pet bedding made from 100% renewable, eco-friendly, US-grown hemp.


Low dust and palatability make Oley Hemp Pet bedding the perfect bedding material for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, bearded dragons, rats, snakes, pet rocks, mice, birds, and other small animals.

Super absorbent, odor-eliminating, chemical-free, and long-lasting hemp bedding provides a soft comfortable bed for your pet. Non-clumping, flushable, and biodegradable. Oley Hemp Pet Bedding is 7X more absorbent than other non-clay-based, pellet litter, and soft enough for even the most precious little ones.

- Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent, saving time and money

- High thermal rating, keeping small animals warmer while they sleep


About shipping

Our products go out on the same day or max the next day after receiving the order. It takes about 3 days for small packages to arrive anywhere in the US.