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Oley Health and Wellness

All-Natural Cat Litter, Lightweight and Clumping

All-Natural Cat Litter, Lightweight and Clumping

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Oley Health and Wellness Cat Litter is crafted exclusively from premium, sustainable USDA Organic hemp fiber grown in Oley, PA. Embracing eco-friendly principles, this litter offers a clumping formula that can be effortlessly flushed away. Weighing a mere 4 pounds, it surpasses traditional cat litter by providing the equivalent performance of 21 pounds.

Experience its remarkable odor control capabilities, accompanied by a delightful, naturally refreshing fragrance for an impeccable and clean environment. Choose Oley Hemp Cat Litter and make a conscious choice for your feline friend and the planet.

There are approximately 14.72 L or 0.52 cubic ft. in a 4 lb. bag of Oley Hemp Kitty Litter. We recommend filling your litter box with 1.5 - 2 inches of kitty litter.

*If you are transitioning from clay kitty litter, pour one-third of Oley Hemp into a clean litter box, followed by two-thirds of your old litter brand. Do not mix. During the next litter box change, pour two-thirds of your Oley cat litter, then one-third of your old litter brand on top. Continue to gradually introduce Oley Hemp until your cat is at ease with a full litter box of our product.

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