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Clean Up - All Natural

Clean Up - All Natural

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Oley Hemp Clean-Up is an anti-microbial and all-natural absorbent manufactured from 100% USA-grown, high-quality, biodegradable hemp fiber. Suitable for indoor use around pets and children. Oley Hemp Clean Up is one of the most absorbent products on the market today.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, Oley Hemp Clean Up absorbs liquids from places a mop or rag cannot reach from a variety of surfaces and floor coverings. Perfect for use with all types of household and garage spills including oils, solvents, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids.

Keep a bag under each counter and soap up those spills when they happen.

Oley Hemp Clean Up also works great for chicken coups and for small pets. With its 7x absorbency, keep your chicken's and pets' bedding smelling great.

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